Relax, Magic Johnson Is Not Throwing Shade At Kobe Bryant On Twitter

This has turned into something a little dumb. We couldn’t tell if Magic Johnson was sub-tweeting Kobe Bryant, or just throwing some shade his way with all these recent tweets about all-time NBA greats and entertaining the fans. Kobe was conspicuously absent from a tweet where Magic listed some of the best NBA players ever earlier in the week, and last night was some more of the same when Magic apologized for leaving…Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade off his earlier list. But he included Kobe, so lets not freak out anymore.

Here’s what Magic tweeted last night:


But Johnson was probably apologizing for this tweet from earlier in the day on Thursday, and not his one from earlier this week:


See there’s Kobe, and MJ; Magic also includes Blake Griffin, Iceman, Pistol, AI, ‘Nique and the Doctor. Pretty good list, in fact, and Mamba is included.

Magic also updated his all-time list from earlier in the week, and sure enough Kobe is included as well as most of the people we mentioned in our first piece.



Magic’s unctuous tweets about star players happen all the time; he’s constantly tweeting about the best who ever played in the NBA. He’s one of the best ever in his own right, and most people include Magic as a starting point guard on their all-time starting five, so it makes sense his own thoughts on the best ever have become news.

But we should probably relax a little bit when he leaves someone off. Any vestiges of Magic’s playing days can turn vague with the passage of time, and Kobe’s best days are behind him as well. We shouldn’t jump every time the Magic man tweets about the best ever and forgets the Mamba. He knows, we know, and everybody knows.

What do you think?

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