The Man Who Owns All 25 Colorways Of The Nike KD VI

Desite the existence of the Nike KD VII, there were still numerous iterations and colorways of the Kevin Durant signature shoe that came before: The Nike KD VI featured “What the KD” pastiche of colorws, the “MVP” on NIKEiD, the Elite “EYBL,” “Aunt Pearl,” “Precision Timing” and so many more. There were 25 colorways in the sixth installment of the KD VI, and one man, Chris McCord, has them all.

Per the Oklahoman, comes the story of the man who couldn’t say no to the newest KD VI. It all started at a House of Hoops raffle:

Chris McCord wandered into the House of Hoops at Penn Square Mall with no intentions of purchasing anything. And he didn’t.

But during that random trip two Junes ago, McCord entered his name in one of those one-in-a-no-chance mall raffles, holding about as much hope of winning as he had of scoring a new Lexus at one of the nearby kiosks.

“I just put my name on the paper,” he remembered. “Didn’t really know what was going on.”

Two days later, McCord got a call. Surprise: he had been selected. His prize? McCord had earned the right to purchase a pair of shoes at retail price.

On the surface, doesn’t sound like much of a reward. But these were the KD VI Preheats, the first colorway release of Kevin Durant’s latest Nike shoe. McCord returned to the store and, for $130, bought a pair of flashy neon green and black-and-white striped shoes that he has never worn.

From there, he figured ‘why not get the whole line?’ Except, he wasn’t counting on quite so many.

“I thought there’d maybe be 10,” McCord admits. “At the most.”

“I thought it’d be one or two,” his wife, Celena, joked. “But he just kept buying them.”

There was one pair they almost missed out on: the light blue and pink “Aunt Pearl” colorway commemorating KD’s Aunt who died of cancer in 2000. There were only a limited number released, and the McCord’s almost missed out — Chris’ wife played a large role in acquiring them for her husband:

…McCord enlisted his wife and various coworkers to help snag a pair. Everybody was at a computer, windows open at 7 a.m.

Didn’t matter. Not against the bots.

“People have what they call bots,” McCord explained. “They pay high-dollar money to get a computer program that’ll help them get it in their cart and paid for before anyone else can even click it.”

That morning, he never had a chance. But another lucky break: Durant was set to make an appearance at the House of Hoops in OKC. A limited number of Aunt Pearls would be available.

McCord’s wife was able to rush out of work and get in line. It extended five stores down. She waited for two-and-a-half hours. “I was six people from the front when they sold out,” Celena said.

Dejected, she left the mall. But on her way down the escalator, she ran into a guy with a pair in his bag. He liked the shoes, so he decided to wait in line. But he didn’t have a special connection to them. He bought them for $150. He sold them to Celena for $300. The full collection remained intact.

“I told him not to tell anyone how much we paid for them,” Celena joked.

As for the KD VII’s, McCord’s wife said he could only get a single pair.

“One shoe collection is enough,” Celena chimed in. “He’s got a bigger shoe collection than I do.”

We’ve only got a couple variations on the Kobe IX Elite (only one pair is “on ice), so 25 variations of the same shoe is sort of bonkers. Still, the KD VI is one of our favs, so McCord at least had the good taste to pick a solid release.

(Oklahoman; H/T All Ball Blog)

Which shoe do you have the most colorways for?

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