Manu Ginobili Isn’t Done Yet For Argentina; Dwyane Wade Lauds LeBron’s Dominance

08.17.12 6 years ago

We didn’t know Manu Ginobili wrote a column for a Spanish-language newspaper, La Nacion, but in his latest he wrote today that he’s not playing in the FIBA Americas Championships in 2013. But wait — it’s not exactly the end of Argentina’s golden basketball generation quite yet. After that tournament he very well could play again. He writes that he was angry from the losses and being so close to knocking off Spain, just as he was angry in Indianapolis for losing in the 2006 Worlds final and the Beijing semis, also to Spain. The translated link loses some of its context than the original Spanish of course, but it’s actually a pretty interesting read. He’s in his home of Bahia Blanca for a month before heading back to San Antonio. He also makes the hint that his body’s not what it used to be when he wrote that he doesn’t like to take much time off after playing because when you start back up, “everything hurts” again. … Speaking of the left-handed Manu, who do you think are the top lefties ever in the NBA? It’s going to be hard to top the Championships GOAT at No. 1. … MarShon Brooks was in every Nets deal in theory this summer. First he was going to Atlanta, or maybe Orlando, all to get Dwight Howard. He said in a recent interview that he enjoys not going to sleep at night and wondering where he’ll be in the morning because of a trade. Now that he’s officially a Net still, he’s not bummed that the team picked up Joe Johnson to take some of his minutes. Nah, he’s making the best of it: “Sixth man of the year.” The guy is instant offense (off lots of volume, it has to be said) so coming off the bench full-time could make him a devastating change of pace for the tired legs of his defender. … The Basketball Jones picked up one this ridiculous story from — Guantanamo Bay. Yep, a former translator for Osama Bin Laden had some of his letters released by his lawyer yesterday (the letters are addressed to the lawyer, Carlos Warner) and they included a rant against LeBron James. Of all the signs of capitalism, LBJ gets a line. The lawyer is from Akron, LeBron’s hometown, for reference, and he originally shared the note with the Washington Post, who found what appears to be prisoners also being rewarded with kittens at the camp. Part of it said: “Lebron James is very bad man. He should apologise to the city of Cleveland.” Got all that? Prisoners, al Qaeda, kittens and LeBron James. Those are the three words least associated with LeBron James in the English language. So what drives a reportedly “high level” detainee who is willing to testify against Sept. 11 plot architects to pen a missive about the greatest player on the planet? He was irked to see his tribal value of paramount loyalty blown to smithereens by “The Decision.” At least he had the good sense not to write his anti-LeBron letter in Comic Sans unlike Cleveland’s owner. … Hit the jump to read more about LeBron James…

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