Mark Cuban Says Doc Rivers’ ‘Professional Life Was Over’ When DeAndre Jordan Committed To Dallas

09.23.15 4 years ago

The Dallas Mavericks will travel to Southern California to face the Los Angeles Clippers in both teams’ season-opener on Oct. 28. Less than two weeks later, the Clippers will return the favor by heading east to Texas for a rematch with the Mavericks at American Airlines Arena.

Once those games are finally played, we might be lucky enough to avoid the seemingly endless – and altogether pointless – back-and-forth between the teams about DeAndre Jordan’s summer change of heart. Until that time, however, expect not only increased coverage of the budding rivalry between Dallas and Los Angeles, but even more hemming and hawing from the faces of both franchises.

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Herd,” host Colin Cowherd goaded Mark Cuban into throwing fuel on the ever-burning fire of the DeAndre drama by playing him clips of Doc Rivers’ recent appearance on the show.

We’ll let you glean personal conclusions from the video above as opposed to picking and choosing specific segments to break down. It certainly bears mentioning, though, that Cuban’s apparent confusion at Rivers’ comments on his behavior seems well-founded. For our money, the most incendiary remark the Mavericks’ loudmouth owner made about Jordan and the Clippers was equating their reunion to “makeup sex” – hardly bulletin-board material.

On the other hand, Cuban’s words may not hold much weight after all. After tepidly criticizing Rivers, he heaped praise on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for “changing the tone of politics.” A note to Cuban: If he’s uncomfortable with aggressive rhetoric from Rivers, it doesn’t make much sense that he’d openly laud his fellow billionaire’s approach to the 2016 election.

Regardless, let’s hope the talk on Jordan’s free agency begins to quiet after the Mavericks and Clippers meet in Dallas – for the sake of Cuban, Rivers, and everyone else.

(Via Fox Sports)

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