This Amazing Moment Between Marc Gasol And A Very Special Grizzlies Fan Will Make Your Day

Perhaps you remember the time last season when Zach Randolph gave his warm up jersey to a special needs Grizzlies fan sitting court-side. It was such a nice display of an NBA athlete connecting with a fan who — because of separateness — might not even get that sort of interaction with his own peers.

We wanted to give Z-Bo the Grizzly Bear of the Year award. Now, it seems like his Grit n’ Grind partner on the block, Marc Gasol, will win the same award this year. Gasol stopped to chat with the same fan after yesterday’s 110-74 blowout win over the Pelicans, and it’s as amazing as Z-Bo’s selfless act last season.

His exchange with the young Grizz fanatic and subsequent high-five is guaranteed to start your day off on the right track:


The look of pure joy on the kid’s face once Gasol moves on to the tunnel gives us almost as much happiness as the kid felt after his exchange with the Grizzlies star.


This is what sports are all about. It’s getting dusty in here.

(Video via Pasión Por El Baloncesto)