Mark Cuban Once Played Dirk Nowitzki In 1-On-1 And Did An Extremely Mark Cuban Thing

11.14.16 1 year ago


Life is a game and Mark Cuban knows how to rig it.

Sports Illustrated writer Jake Fischer shared an interesting anecdote about the Dallas Mavericks owner that is absolutely believable and I’ll fight anyone who thinks he’s making it up.

This seems like a perfect Cubes anecdote, but considering it’s coming from Cuban himself it seems completely possible. Given the small sample size of a three-basket 1-on-1 game it seems plausible that Cuban got two of three. It also sounds just like him to call it a day while he’s ahead. And given the L that Cuban took last week when Donald Trump was elected president, maybe we should just let him have this.

I’m desperate to know, however, how Cuban got those buckets in the first place. Was he just suddenly hot from the perimeter? A few chuck and pray shots from Cuban bookending Dirk backing him into the basket support for an easy dunk seems like the most likely order of operations here. Nowitzki is a solid seven footer, and while Cuban comes in at a respectable 6-foot-3, I don’t see him getting anything inside on the big man.

Hopefully an intrepid Mavs reporter can ask Dirk about the incident so we can get another delightfully dorky Dirk quote to add to the collection. I just hope they don’t lose their press credentials over it.

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