Mark Cuban Has A Solution To Get You Through The Next Four Years Should Trump Get Elected President

News & Culture Writer
10.21.16 3 Comments

In less than 20 days now, on November 8th our country will elect either President Donald Trump or President Hillary Clinton. And while nearly every poll right now shows Clinton commanding an overwhelming lead, we can’t predict what’s going to unfold over the course of the next two and a half weeks, or on election day itself for that matter.

As such, the threat of President Trump will continue until we can hopefully all breathe a sigh of relief on November 9th (and maybe not even then), so in the meantime, outspoken anti-Trump crusader Mark Cuban has come up with a plan with the help of Funny or Die to get us through the next four years if Hillary loses the election. In his pitch, Cuban offers, “Let us build a wall around you. The minute Hillary Clinton begins her concession speech our team of highly trained medical professionals will be ready to receive you.” Comas, people! We’re talking comas.

Spend the next four years in a blissful coma while Trump reigns down hell on America, or if Trump gets reelected they’ll even double your coma time to eight years. And if Trump manages to dissolve congress, they’ll even keep you under until democracy returns.

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