Mark Cuban Got Served By This Little Dabbing Jazz Fan

Mark Cuban is widely known as one of the coolest owners in American sports, primarily because of his relative youth and irreverence — he is not of the old-money, ivory tower sort. Rather, he seems perfectly willing to be among fellow fans and have a good time. However, that opens him up to get brutally owned by such fans, like this audacious little Jazz fan who goes for the handshake before hitting Cubes with the dab.

It’s a savage move, one that Cuban responds to with considerable charm. He even kept up the good humor on Twitter after:

It’s often been said that living well is the best revenge, and the billionaire Cuban lives quite well. It would have been even nicer if the Mavericks had won that night so that Cuban could at least point at the scoreboard, but unfortunately, the Mavericks are quite bad and they lost to the ascendant Jazz on Friday night.