Mark Jackson Called Out ESPN For Their ‘Disrespectful’ Bias Toward The Warriors

01.07.17 2 years ago 10 Comments

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ESPN broadcaster Mark Jackson says his company disrespects Golden State’s opponents with ads focused only on a Warriors team loaded with talent.

Jackson said ESPN’s advertising for Friday night’s Warriors/Grizzlies game only talked about players like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant while ignoring a fun Grizzlies team that had already beat Golden State in a blowout last month. He talked about the marketing bias early in the game with Golden State up by six in the first quarter.

Here’s what Jackson had to say:

“I’m watching TV promoting Wednesday’s game, Portland at Golden State and then tonight’s game Memphis at Golden State and the commercial says ‘Who’s it gonna be: Dray. Clay. Steph. KD. Who’s gonna go off tonight? Grizzlies. Warriors.’

OK. Are you kidding me? Let’s show some respect to the opposition. Whether it’s Damian Lillard. Whether it’s CJ McCollum. Whether it’s Marc Gasol. Mike Conley. There’s more to pump up a game than four players from a particular team. When I was coaching the opposition’s team, I’d end the pregame meeting with that commercial by our very own ESPN.”

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