Market Research Ranks Curry & Duncan As NBA’s Most Trusted

Which NBA player do you trust the most? Primarily, such fickle and subjective data is comprised by unknowable external forces beyond a player’s ability to change, but that’s the exegesis behind the findings of global sports market research firm, Repucom. Their research into the trustworthiness and “aspirational” qualities athletes exhibit the most for consumers ranks baby-faced Warriors guard Stephen Curry and soft-spoken Spurs center Tim Duncan as the two most trustworthy NBA players.

As Dan McCarney informs us at the Express-News, Duncan finished second behind Curry in Repucom’s rankings.

[Duncan’s] squeaky-clean reputation extends well beyond Texas, it seems. Repucom, a global sports marketing research firm, rates Duncan as the second-most trustworthy and “aspirational” player in the NBA, trailing only Golden State’s Steph Curry.

A spokesperson for Repucom tells McCarney the firm acquires it’s data and keeps it contemporary via weekly polls with 1000 participants. Accordingly, close to 75 percent consider Duncan to be trustworthy, while roughly 68 percent aspire to be like him.

Duncan also ranks in the top 30 percent for each category Repucom measures: like-ability, influence, endorsement impact and trend-setting. If Tim Duncan is a trendsetter, then soft-spoken is about to become chic, and car customization should find it’s way out of the tiny niche it currently holds in the pop culture zeitgeist. You’ve been warned.

But the smirk Duncan gave Nicolas Batum — by way of NBA reddit — might differ with Repucom’s findings. The countenance came after Batum’s last second 3-point attempt found it’s way through the hoop this past Saturday to give him his first career triple-double in Portland’s 115-105 victory over the Spurs. It could signify Duncan’s amusement at Batum’s feat, or it might be a covert glance at a player Duncan plans on eviscerating the first time he stops by the AT&T Center. Honestly, it could be both.

But Curry we understand. Anybody that can make Zumba look this fun and a Capri Sun commercial this entertaining, inspires all of us.

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Who is the most trustworthy player in the NBA?

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