Matt Bonner And Brian Scalabrine Played The Knockout Game You’ve Always Wanted

It’s the battle of the internet-darling white basketball players, in the ultimate basketball-related showdown that could ever take place at a summer camp: KNOCKOUT. Brian Scalabrine, once known as the White Mamba (word to Kobe Bryant) and now an announcer for CSN in Boston, took on Matt Bonner, known as the Red Mamba (word to Kobe and Scalabrine), still on the San Antonio Spurs, at youth camp Seeds of Peace on Wednesday. Bonner’s brother Luke filmed it and posted it on Twitter. It was an epic battle, but only one in which Mamba would emerge victorious:

Come on. Only one of these guys is still in the NBA. Scalabrine never had a chance. The two collapsed in exhaustion at the end of the game, which should only encourage the cries of televised knockout games between NBA players that grow louder by the day. Add knockout to the list of events that would improve All-Star Saturday. Which would you rather see: Damian Lillard and Mike Conley, Jr. dribble around cones, or a LeBron James/Stephen Curry game of knockout? Or, even better and more dramatic, a Dwight Howard/DeAndre Jordan/Andre Drummond game of knockout! They could block out a whole half-hour over that one! (They probably couldn’t, because one of them would air ball a shot and quickly be eliminated by the next guy’s layup.)

(Via Luke Bonner)