Andre Iguodala Did Not Take Kindly To Matthew Dellavedova Slapping Him In The Nuts

It ended up just being a common foul on Matthew Dellavedova, but there was a perfectly legitimate reason for Andre Iguodala’s “say what now?” reaction to Delly. The scrappy Cavs backup point guard had been slapping for the ball when it was waist-high in the middle of an Iggy dribble, and instead of getting leather, he found Iggy’s jibbly bits.

There will be some who trot out the old Delly is dirty trope that’s somehow become relegated to players born in that specific area of our globe.

But that’s sports. Sometimes you’re gonna get hit in the most sensitive area, and you just gotta play through. Iggy got a bit perturbed, but then he came right back and hit a triple.