Mavs Are Favorites To Get Dwight Howard In 2013; AK-47 To Minnesota

07.25.12 7 years ago
So let’s say you’re Dwight Howard. You’re stuck in no man’s land, having destroyed your reputation almost beyond repair – seriously, will anyone look at the big man the same way again? This Dwightmare will follow him for the rest of his career. At least The Decision was a one-time deal – and you might actually have to suit up with the Orlando Magic come Halloween. If you needed a recipe for “How to create a PR disaster” then seeing Howard and the Magic trying to work out this marriage through the first half of 2012-13 will be it. How Orlando hasn’t moved on yet, we have no clue. There’s one rule that goes with trading superstars in the NBA, and it’s this: you never get equal value. Holding out only makes it worse. Of course, vindictive fans will say, “Screw Dwight Howard. Don’t trade him to his favorite team.” But this is business, and in business, emotions kill. First, the Magic turned down Brooklyn often enough that the Nets told them to hit the bricks. Then, they dismissed the Lakers, and even Houston, just as easily. In a face-to-face meeting with Orlando GM Rob Hennigan yesterday, Howard stood firm in his desire to leave Disney World. He’s still willing to think about re-signing in L.A. if he’s traded there, but absolutely won’t in Houston. And, as Adrian Wojnarowski reports, if he does make it to free agency next year having played all year with Orlando, he will almost assuredly go to Dallas. Yeah… because THAT makes sense: go to a team who’s best player will be 35 years old by then, surrounded by a bunch of Jameer Nelsons and Hedo Turkoglus … Why is Hennigan still trying to make this work? Howard probably spent that entire face-to-face sitdown talking in his impersonation voices … Now that summer league is over, who stood out for you? We recently took our five who we think will make immediate impacts next season in the league. Everyone sees Damian Lillard as a likely Rookie of the Year candidate, and based off their play in summer league, Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal and Jeremy Lamb all showed they should be very good wing scorers. But putting too much emphasis on summer league always turns out to be deadly, even if a few of these guys look like they could be on this list as future potential All-Stars by next summer … And Cleveland picked up Jeremy Pargo, cash and a 2014 second-round draft pick in a trade by sending D.J. Kennedy to Memphis. Look out. We can feel the balance of power in the East shifting on that one … One move that could actually pay dividends? Delonte West is going back to Dallas … Keep reading to hear about all the weight Kobe has lost …

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