The Mavs Had The Best New Halftime Show In The NBA Featuring A Collection Of Multi-Talented Cats

It’s been a big year for cats. And we’re not just talking about the live-action film adaptation of the Broadway musical based on T.S. Eliot’s whimsical and utterly-strange classic. That one didn’t go over so well with critics (or moviegoers, for that matter). Not even James Corden and Rebel Wilson could salvage that monstrosity from the litter pan.

But if you’re looking for some real live-action feline shenanigans, look no further than the halftime show at the Mavs-Grizzlies game at American Airlines Center on Wednesday night. We’re not sure who’s responsible for this furry randomness, but please believe that us crazy cat people out there are filled with gratitude and delight.

Anyone who is remotely familiar with these creatures knows too well the near impossibility of convincing a cat to do just about anything, which makes this all the more impressive.

The ladder hurdles are truly a feat. And not to take anything away from this next one, but jumping inside a box is arguably among the top 3-5 instincts they are born with, somewhere between batting their paws at dangly things and sleeping 23.5 hours in a day.

But this orange kitty navigating a balance beam while nudging a felt ball along is a remarkable achievement, given the wonderful paradox that cats are simultaneously the clumsiest and most agile creatures on the planet.

Still, it was nothing compared to this big finale, the point of which, apparently, was to just have this cat leap from a great height.

Dear NBA, more of this, please.