The Mavericks Trolled DeAndre Jordan Harder Than Ever After They Beat The Clippers

The folks who do social media for NBA teams have to be careful these days. Last spring, the Houston Rockets’ social media manager was summarily dismissed after sending out what many considered an offensive tweet after a playoff win over the Dallas Mavericks.  Then, just last week, the Los Angeles Clippers’ twitter team found themselves in hot water following their loss to the Golden State Warriors when they tweeted out the hashtag #didntloseby50, a reference to the Memphis Grizzlies’ humiliating blowout loss during opening week.

In hindsight, it’s relatively easy to recognize just how oblivious and/or poorly-conceived these things can be, but some folks are just exponentially savvier than others. The Mavericks, for instance, absolutely nailed this troll job on the Clippers after their 113-108 victory on Wednesday night.

It was a game that was already wildly over-hyped beforehand being that it was DeAndre Jordan’s first appearance at American Airlines Arena after his stunning decision to renege on his verbal agreement to join the Mavs in free agency this summer. The fans let him hear about it all night long, and the above tweet was a light-hearted way to cap off what was a satisfying win, but the rest of the team, of course, wasn’t going to leave it at that.

For all the hoopla, Jordan remained relatively nonplussed, which is probably the only way possible to deal with all of this.