Russian Miami Heat Nesting Dolls Disrespect Chris Bosh

07.29.13 6 years ago 2 Comments

When the Miami Heat’s Big Three formed in the summer of 2010, Chris Bosh became the odd man out with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James taking most of the attention and credit away from their lanky third wheel. Bosh’s uncanny esophageal resemblance to an ostrich and soft-spoken demeanor was overshadowed by his more heralded teammates. Still, he’s an 8-time all star, and the third-best player on a back-to-back NBA champion. None of that matters in Russia, though.

Username, cremefraiche9, posted a picture to reddit today, addingJust came back from visiting Russia, this is what they think of Chris Bosh…” with a link towards this image:

Cremefraiche9 mentioned further down the reddit thread that a set of five dolls came in the pack, with LeBron as the largest doll, D-Wade the second largest, Ray Allen third, Mario Chalmers after him, and last—and we’d guess, least—Chris Bosh, as the tiniest nesting doll of them all.

Ray Allen we can partially excuse because he’s going to the Hall-of-Fame whenever he decides to stop drilling three-pointers. But Mario Chalmers? No offense to ‘Rio, but that’s an insult, and not at all #LikeABosh. Chris can console himself with his two championship rings and over $100 million earned over his 10-year career.

You should really just check out the entire reddit thread because it’s excellent fun.

Why do nesting doll manufacturers in Russia love Mario Chalmers so much?

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