Miami Steals A Triple OT Thriller; Portland Looks Like The Best Team In The West

01.06.12 7 years ago 68 Comments
Is there any team in the league that pisses off basketball fans more than Atlanta? In reality though, why should we get so aggravated when they struggle? As Reggie and Charles pointed out, you’re only as good as your best player. Despite that, with LeBron and Dwyane Wade dressed up (What the hell was that shirt ‘Bron had on?) on the sidelines, the Heat rode Chris Bosh (33 points, 14 rebounds) and a bunch of role players to a surprising 116-109 win in triple OT. After barely surviving two overtimes, the Hawks finally succumbed, never scoring a point in the last frame. Even with Joe Johnson (20 points) and Josh Smith (17 points, 13 rebounds) putting up big stat lines, it felt like they wilted under the pressure from so many young guys putting in work for Miami. Bosh might’ve hit the killer shots – like the 30-foot three he made to send it to overtime – but it was Mario Chalmers (29 points, 22 after the third quarter) and Terrel Harris (nine points, 14 rebounds) who made the difference. And who caught Reggie on that Bosh three-pointer straight up calling the Hawks “not a very smart team” because they didn’t foul? … People complain about ‘Bron and Wade not celebrating their teammates, but when that three went down, both of them looked like Nicki Minaj had just said “I do” to them … Kevin Harlan really called Ivan Johnson “Drago.” Thing is, Drago never rocked a diamond grill during an NBA game … We told y’all the Lakers almost never win in Portland. Last night was no different as the Blazers ate ’em and spit them out during the second half of their 107-96 win. Kobe dropped 30. Andrew Bynum made his first eight shots and finished with 21 and 12. And yet, because TNT screwed up and didn’t show the first half on a sister network, all we started with was a third quarter dominated by the Blazers. A 24-8 run in the third ended it for the Blazers. How did the Lakers finally stop the run? They posted up Bynum after ignoring him again for a stretch. But soon, Jamal Crawford (17 points) ended the quarter with a 30-foot splash. LaMarcus Aldridge was unstoppable inside (28 points, 10 rebounds) while Gerald Wallace (31 points) was the real star. He was a pinball offensively, and took his matchup with 24 personally. The two went at it all night long, but the defining moment came after Bryant bricked a long wing three. Wallace leaked out, and finished with an easy windmill on the break … Did Andrew Bynum just suddenly put it all together? Well… not exactly. Laker fans will tell you he’s been killing it for a while now. It’s just he can’t ever stay healthy, and his injuries always happen almost exactly when it starts clicking (In other words, watch out right now.) … The playoff series we really want to see? Portland and Denver. The Blazers play like a bunch of 10 year olds finally getting outside after the teachers held them in line for being too loud. The Nuggets are just plain crazy, shooting every 10 seconds and tossing no-look lobs. That series would be fun … Keep reading to hear how the Kings reacted to their coach getting fired …

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