Michael Jordan Apologizes After Tony Wroten’s Nike Sole Falls Off

Within the last week, Sixers guard Tony Wroten became the third NBA player this year to have his sneaker self-combust in the middle of a game. During Indiana’s visit to Philly last Friday, Wroten’s sole fell right off a pair of his Air Jordan 10 “varsity red” kicks originally released in 2005. It was the third sneaker to self-destruct this season and led to some pun-tastic Post headlines — though we abstained. Now it seems the man the sneaker brand is named after, Michael Jordan, has personally apologized for the now-defunct sneaker.

By way of For The Win, comes the report from the Delaware News Journal, MJ called Wroten’s agent to apologize for the incident:

“It was more embarrassing than anything,” Wroten said Wednesday. “But things happen. I got an apology from Jordan. Yeah. … He called my agent.”

In case you forgot, here’s how the sole fell off.

Not a particularly cavalier cut by Wroten, but all of a sudde, the sneaker shed it’s sole. We gotta run now, though, because we’re trying to cut the soles out of a pair of Nike’s so MJ calls our agent.*

*Note, we are just a humble basketball blogger without an agent, or a pair of Nike’s that are in anything but peak condition. #TeamNike

(Delaware News Journal; H/T FTW)

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