Michael Jordan Spearheaded The Effort To Change The All-Star Game Format

10.09.17 2 years ago

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The NBA All-Star game has been an insufferable bore-fest for several years now, but the world’s most glorified pick-up game reached its spectacular nadir last February in New Orleans when the players involved didn’t even pretend to take it seriously. Granted, it’s an otherwise meaningless game, and guys don’t want to risk their health, but enough was enough.

Last week, commissioner Adam Silver announced some long-overdue alterations to the game’s format, namely that the two highest vote-getters from each conference will pick their own squads from among the pool of All-Stars still chosen traditionally by fans, coaches, and the media.

There was widespread public outcry after February’s debacle, but no one really expected anything to change, as the All-Star Game has always been East vs. West. However, with so many stars moving West and the balance of power in the league never being more lopsided, a discussion needed to be had and, as with most things, it took a few people with some major-league clout to get things done.

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