Michael Jordan Is A Cold-Blooded, Shoe-Denying Assassin At Basketball Camp

Who wants to watch Michael Jordan ruin the hopes of a group of children?

The greatest basketball player of all-time made a cameo at Michael Jordan’s Flight School earlier this week. Chris Paul was also there, and someone had an idea for a game. According to The Washington Post, the rules were pretty simple: Jordan had to shoot from six spots on the floor. If he missed three shots, every kid at the camp got a free pair of Jordans.

MJ played in front of some really tough crowds during his day, but this one was especially brutal, because it was a bunch of children who were going to get a free thing if he failed. But of course, since he’s Michael Jordan, failure was not an option.

Jordan went around and made every shot that he took. He hit a few threes, he hit a free throw with Paul’s hand in his face, everything. While this isn’t one of the 1,000 best basketball moments involving Jordan, this is still amazing.

Oh, and in an attempt to hook the kids up, Paul decided he was going to play a similar game. Jordan made the rules: Paul had to take threes from both corners, both wings, and the top of the key. If he made them all, the campers would get shoes. He made his first four, and on the final shot, Paul’s jumper rimmed out.

So one final basketball lifer decided to step up and try to win some sneakers for those in attendance. All Derek Fisher had to do was hit a few free throws and the kids would get hooked up. Considering he was nearly an 82 percent shooter from the stripe during his career, it was probably a foregone conclusion that the campers would get a pair of fresh kicks and…oh come on, D-Fish.

So for those keeping track, 53-year-old Michael Jordan out-shot Derek Fisher and a second-team All-NBA selection last season, because MJ does not mess around during any kind of competition. Sorry, kids.

(via The Washington Post)