The Internet Is Exploding With Crying Jordan Memes After He Made A Title Game Appearance

Come on, you all knew this was going to happen. Michael Jordan is at the national title game between North Carolina and Villanova, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. It also shouldn’t surprise anyone that jokesters are the Internet keep putting the crying Jordan face on top of Jordan, because the Internet is a twisted and silly place.

It appears that Jordan tried to play defense against these memes, as he put his hand up against his face in an attempt to make sure that no one can put the crying Jordan face on his head. Or he had an itch on his chin and the camera just caught him while he was scratching it. Either/or.

Anyway, that was not able to stop Jordan from getting meme’d, because nothing can stop people on the web from putting the dang crying Jordan head on people.

Jordan was not the only person getting meme’d with his own head. One person decided to meme the Villanova piccolo player who went viral during last year’s tournament, while another just meme’d Ahmad Rashad, who is sitting next to MJ.

This entire post can best be described with one tweet, which reminds us that above everything else, Jordan is the best basketball player to ever live.

Oh, as for the game, there’s no way that it’s causing MJ tears right now: the Tar Heels have a 39-34 lead over the Wildcats at the half.