Here’s What Michael Jordan Told Draymond Green About Breaking The Bulls’ 72-Win Record

04.11.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Scottie Pippen is what the kids would call “a hater.” He has said that if the Warriors broke the wins record set by his Bulls in 1995-96, it would mean nothing without an NBA title. He also said the Bulls would sweep the Warriors in a hypothetical series because, as previously stated, Pippen is a hater.

Michael Jordan — the star of a meme that involves him crying — took a more positive approach about the Warriors potentially tying the 72-win record and even breaking it, which the Warriors can do in their final game Wednesday against the Grizzlies.

“With Pip coming out and saying what he said… that’s cool,” the Warriors’ Draymond Green said. “Back in the day, we respected those guys. We’ve got one of them (coach Steve Kerr) in our locker room, which is great.

“Mike told me at All-Star, ‘Go win the record, go get the record. If y’all don’t win this record, I’m going to be hot and I’m blaming you.’ So we’re almost there. Got one more game or he’s going to blame me.”

It’s nice that Jordan chose not to cry about his team’s record falling, but I don’t mind Pippen’s honesty. Isn’t it odd that whenever someone is about to break a long-standing record, the current record holder is always rooting for the record to fall? Come on. Everyone can’t be happy about it.

It would be great if Bill Wennington said, “I hope the Warriors only win 71 games. This record is all have, the last thing connecting me to my youth. I hope Steph Curry twists his ankle before the last game and can’t play.”


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