Michael Jordan Is Among Eight Members Of The NBA Foundation’s Inaugural Board

One of the key parts of the agreement struck between players and the NBA in the aftermath of the players’ decision to strike games in late August was that the two sides would form a council that would work together on issues related to social justice and the empowerment of Black people in America. The league on Friday announced the first set of board members who will lead that effort, highlighted by Michael Jordan.

As the Hornets’ owner, Jordan has been a behind-the-scenes leader all year as the league sought to join the fight against systemic racism more aggressively. In his partnership with Nike through Jordan Brand, the six-time NBA champion also committed $100 million over the next 10 years in strategic donations to activist groups and charities across the spectrum of social justice.

In a statement, the foundation announced it would “drive economic empowerment for Black communities through employment and career advancement” and that it would be responsible for the strategy behind how to use the $30 million that NBA governors pledged to give annually. The NBA Foundation will also develop a media and marketing plan to tell its story and work with local markets and national partners on these efforts.

Seeing big names like Jordan’s as well as the commissioner and NBPA head shows a commitment across all parts of the league to making the foundation a priority. The league has enormous resources at its disposal and now several passionate and active figureheads manning the controls through the NBA Foundation.