Michael Jordan Was Furious At Kelly Oubre For Taking A Jumper Way Too Soon In The Shot Clock

The Charlotte Hornets took to their home floor at the Spectrum Center on Friday night and beat the New York Knicks, 104-96. While things looked like they were going to go Charlotte’s way down the home stretch, a decision made by Kelly Oubre got Michael Jordan extremely upset from his seat in a suite high above the floor.

With just under 40 seconds left and the Hornets up by seven, Oubre decided to rise and fire on a three that he missed. The catch: He did it seven seconds into the shot clock, so it’s not like he was exactly hoisting up a prayer that he couldn’t get a little later in the clock.

In Oubre’s defense, it was a wide open corner three, but it still wasn’t exactly his best decision. Fortunately for him, it didn’t hurt the Hornets — New York did not score again on the night — but a camera panned up and caught Jordan screaming at Oubre making a decision he did not like.

Oubre had an ok night off the bench otherwise, scoring 12 points in 27 minutes off the bench and going 4-for-10 from three. But the main takeaway here is that every single broadcast of Hornets games should include the option to watch a stream that is just Michael Jordan react to stuff that happens during the game.