There’s An Original ‘NBA Jam’ With Michael Jordan And It May Soon Be Revealed To The World

03.26.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

Getty Image / Midway

From 1988 to 1993, Michael Jordan either “starred in” or was included in dozens of inferior basketball games on the NES to the Megadrive to the Super NES; None of them were really good. Thankfully, we were about to come upon a major breakthrough in the technology department with NBA Live ’95, but in the mid-90s, there was only one NBA game to rule them all — NBA Jam.

Ask anyone who obsessed over NBA Jam about the one thing missing from the game and you’ll get, “Michael Jordan.” Sure, the Bulls were a solid team, but Horace Grant and Scottie Pippen weren’t going to compete with the Stockton/Malone lineup that the Jazz rolled out.

If only Jordan could’ve licensed himself out to Midway, video game history would’ve been completely different. Imagine flying through the air and crashing down as His Airness as the announcer blared out, “he’s on fire!” Life would’ve been better, I reckon.

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