Michael Jordan Couldn’t Help But Laugh After Tony Allen Stared Him Down

Tony Allen hasn’t been great offensively in 2016. He’s always been known as a defensive-oriented player, but this year, he’s on pace to post the worst effective field goal percentage of his career. So when Allen does something impressive on offense, odds are, he’s going to gloat. The issue on Monday night was that he gloated and tried to stare down Michael Jordan, which is usually not a great idea.

Allen pulled off a quick spin move for an uncontested layup during the Grizzlies’ 105-90 win over the Hornets. It was good, credit where it’s due. It’s not “stare down the greatest basketball player of all-time” good, but still! It was pretty good.

Jordan, who made a career off of making people look stupid, talking trash, and staring dudes down, saw that Allen was trying to show him up. Because he is Michael Jordan, he laughed, either because he was impressed by Allen’s confidence or because he found it funny that Allen was trying to stare him down after a layup. Odds are it’s that second thing, but it’s possible that Jordan was impressed, which is nice.