Michael Jordan’s Daughter Engages In Some Instagram Trash Talk With Gary Payton’s Son

Like father like daughter it appears. Gary Payton‘s son, Gary Dwyane Payton, posted a pic on IG of his soon-to-be Hall-of-Fame bound father talking smack to Michael Jordan. Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine M. Jordan, decided to continue the trash talking into the next generation.


Gary Dwyane Payton posted the above pic with the caption: “What you think he was saying @mickijae lol #goodolddays #GPweek.” @mickijae is Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine, and she took the bait, just like her uber famous Old Man would. The Jordan family, it appears, do not back down from a verbal challenge.

Jasmine responded, “Lol my dad had to remind ya dad that he wasn’t about that life sir. 😄”

We absolutely love that the progeny of two of the fiercest comeptitors in NBA history — not to mention two of the all-time great trasher talkers in the game — have continued the tradition laid down by their famous fathers. Well played all around, but we’re like Gary Dwyane Payton in that we really want to know what MJ and GP were saying to each other. It’s probably best kept as a mystery though.

What do you think?

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