Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Is Finally Comfortable, But He’ll Always Have A Chip On His Shoulder

02.02.17 3 years ago

Getty Image / Jordan Brand

NEW YORK – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist decided to turn the tables after his roundtable session with the media as part of a wear test of the Jordan B.Fly last week. With everyone preparing to leave, he shot me a sideways glance and said, “Now I’ve got a question for you.”

MKG then asked for my take on the state of New Jersey prep hoops, but it was frankly less about what he asked than the fact he did so at all. Flanked by his entire family in Jordan Brand’s Terminal 23, it was clear he was completely in his element.

I’ve been an MKG fan since 2009, when he was the top junior in the country and teamed with Kyrie Irving on a loaded St. Patrick squad. As a basketball blogger/fanatic living in North Jersey, I became a regular at Kean University for St. Pat’s games, which had a following that rivaled the local college teams.

MKG wasn’t comfortable speaking to the media back then, but then he didn’t have to be. Kyrie talked enough for both of them.

It was much the same on court, where Kyrie’s talent practically leaped into the stands and grabbed you. In particular, Irving had a penchant for dribbling through people’s legs on the break.

For his part, MKG busied himself anchoring the defense, running the floor and grinding at the rim. His game was brilliant in his subtlety; you came away thinking he’d been solid but unspectacular, and then you’d learn he had something like 28 points and 15 rebounds with four blocks.

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