Michael Porter Jr. Shares What Brandon Roy Told Him About Bouncing Back From An Injury

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There are a whole lot of questions that exist at the top of the 2018 NBA Draft. You can make a case for any number of them being the most fascinating subplot of the night, including the question of which team will make the call to select Missouri forward Michael Porter Jr. Are the rumors true that the Sacramento Kings are going to pull the trigger and take him at No. 2, or is Porter in for a potential slide that will see him among the final guys to leave the greenroom?

Either way, whichever team drafts Porter will draft someone with superstar potential. There may be concerns about his floor — especially as questions persist about his health — but if everything works out, Porter projects to be quite the unique player, a 6’11 guy who can score from all over the floor and give opposing defenses nightmares.

Before Porter finds out where he’ll start his NBA career on Thursday evening, the former Missouri Tiger spoke to Dime about his health, being coached in high school by former Trail Blazers star Brandon Roy, and his fairly unique take on the LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant debate.

Dime: I know you had some hip issues this last week. How do you feel right now?

Michael Porter Jr.: I feel great. I’m moving around, feeling better every single day. I just had a little muscle tightness that I had to walk off. I’m feeling good and I’m excited for the week.

The primary ailment that caused some chatter was your back. To the best of your understanding, is that something that will have to be monitored, or was the surgery with the hopes that that won’t pop up again?

That problem won’t pop up again, but it’s always something I want to build on. Keep my core strong, keep my mobility good, just so no other problems arise. But that surgery site is all the way healed and I’m good to go.