Michael Rapaport Stopped A Passenger From Opening An Emergency Exit On An Airplane

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Michael Rapaport helped stop what could have been an in-flight disaster on Saturday when he stopped a man from opening the emergency exit door on an airplane traveling to Los Angeles.

Rapaport was traveling back to LA after Week 1 of the BIG 3 in Houston on an American Airlines flight when a man became confused and tried to open the exit door in the passenger cabin.

Rapaport, an actor who does sideline reporting for Fox Sports’ BIG3 coverage, apparently led the charge against the passenger who was confused about where the bathroom is. Ted Kenny, who works at Fox and was also on the flight, explained what happened through a series of tweets.

Kenny said the man thought he was going into the bathroom, though he was skeptical about that. He also noted that other BIG3 players and staff got involved to restrain the man until officials could get the situation under control.

The Atypical star later posted a few videos about the incident, as the flight continued on to Los Angeles where security was waiting.

Rapaport spent the evening fielding compliments about his heroic actions, then did what anyone would do in his situation: record an “emergency” podcast about the incident. TMZ reported that the man who tried to open the door was interviewed by airport employees and the FBI and it was deemed it really was an accident. The passenger then took a flight from Los Angeles to Vietnam to visit his ill mother.