Migos Star Quavo Hit Shaq’s Son Shareef With A Sick Eurostep And Floater

Shaq’s son Shareef O’Neal is one of the top high school prospects in the country as a junior and is committed to the University of Arizona. The Little Diesel is 6-foot-9 and has tons of hops, but that didn’t scare rapper Quavo, of Migos fame, from taking it directly at the young star in a pickup game.

Home Team Hoops shot video of a recent pickup game in which the stars of the opposing teams were O’Neal and Quavo, and the Migos’ star more than held his own on the court. We’ve known about Quavo’s athletic abilities on the football field for awhile now, but he proved that he’s just as comfortable on the hardwood as the gridiron.

The left-handed rapper has a bit of a hitch in his jumper but it’s effective, if not always pretty, and he showed off some slick ball-handling and passing skills in the game. The best move from Quavo was his Eurostep into a floater over a contest from the massive O’Neal that banked high off the glass and in.

The two also took some time after the game to fool around with some dunk contest worthy alley-oops from Quavo to O’Neal, who showed off his ridiculous hops on a tomahawk slam from a side of the backboard lob from Quavo.

The lesson here is to never underestimate Quavo in any athletic venture. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a video of him hitting batting practice bombs at some MLB ballpark.

(h/t Ball is Life)