The Nets Asked Mikal Bridges His Favorite Player Which Led To A Hilariously Awkward Response

The Brooklyn Nets overhauled their roster just before the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline, sending a pair of superstars away and stocking the cupboard for the future. Brooklyn does retain a deep and talented roster, however, and newly-acquired wing Mikal Bridges looks the part of a potential breakout in his new home. Before the Nets resumed their schedule following the All-Star break, the organization released an all-access video, chronicling the arrival of Bridges, and he was asked about his “favorite athlete growing up.”

Bridges’ response was both amusing and awkward in that he revealed his choice was Kevin Durant, who he was traded for just days prior.

It is not shocking that Durant would be Bridges’ favorite player, as he is one of the best players in the history of the league and old enough to be established as a superstar during Bridges’ youth. Still, this is an intriguing turn of events, and it is endearing to see Bridges breaking down in laughter when realizing the irony.

Bridges scored 45 points in the final game before the break, alerting Nets fans of what’s to come. He probably won’t be the next Durant, but Bridges is arguably Brooklyn’s centerpiece at this juncture, and he is easy to root for.