Mike Breen Has Joined In On The Knicks’ ‘Bing Bong’ Rallying Cry

The New York Knicks magical run to the playoffs last season certainly doesn’t appear to be a mirage, as the Knicks have come out blazing to start the 2021-22 season with a 5-1 record that puts them atop the East two weeks in.

They started the season with a win over Boston in a double overtime thriller that had the masses going crazy inside Madison Square Garden, and as they poured out into Manhattan, Sidetalk NYC came out with an instantly iconic fan reaction video.


There are a lot of incredible moments packed into a one minute video — the “KD don’t you regret not coming to the Kniiiiicks” guy and the guy who just shakes violently both are sensational — but the guy who simply says “BING BONG” became an instant Knicks legend and, in the two weeks since, it has become a rallying cry for Knicks fans. The team has embraced it as well, debuting a new “Bing Bong” drop for made threes on Monday against the Raptors.

Not only has game ops latched onto it, but Mike Breen is even caught up in Bing Bong fever, as he dropped his first of the season after a banked in Julius Randle three to end the first quarter, replacing his iconic “BANG.”

The Knicks are as fun a team as there is in basketball to start the season and nothing gets the people in New York going quite like a good “BING BONG” right now.