Bulls’ Mike Dunleavy Gets Hung On Rim Following Beautiful Bounce Pass From Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic made a beautiful leading bounce pass to a 6-9 Chicago Bulls teammate who was streaking ahead of the pack with no one between he and the basket. All Mike Dunleavy had to do was finish a barely contested dunk attempt, and his team would inch closer to the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder.

Apparently it’s just not actually that simple.

It’s never a good look when a NBA player misses a dunk. But when a tall one doesn’t get enough elevation to get the ball over the rim? Talk about Shaqtin’ A Fool. Dunleavy is 34 years-old, though; is it fair to blame creaky legs? We’ll give him benefit of the doubt here. He’d have finished this with aplomb five years ago.

The Thunder lead the Bulls 50-48 at halftime.

[Vine via Vinnyviner]