Hawks’ Mike Scott Admits To Police On Tape That The Drugs Were His, Not His Brother’s

In a video obtained by TMZ Sports from the Banks County, GA Police Department, Atlanta Hawks forward Mike Scott admitted to police that the drugs found after a traffic stop belonged to him and not his brother.

Scott was riding with his brother Antonn (who was driving the vehicle) on July 30th, when they were pulled over for speeding. Police then found approximately 10.9 grams of MDMA (aka Molly) and more than an ounce of Marijuana. Police chased down the car for two miles before Antonn pulled over, but Scott told police that his brother simply didn’t see the cops behind him or he would have immediately stopped.

In the video, Scott tells the Sheriff’s deputies that he takes full responsibility for the drugs, in this exchange with the officer:

Sheriff deputy: Can you tell me whose the weed is?

Mike Scott: It’s mine.

Deputy: It’s yours, and you take full responsibility for it?

Scott: Yeah.

Deputy: For the Molly and the Marijuana everything is yours? Did your brother have any knowledge of it being there, or anything?

Scott: No he didn’t, it’s definitely my fault.

The sheriff’s deputy then explained to the Hawks forward that both charges would be felonies due to the amount found in the vehicle, and he also politely informed Scott when asked that it was likely the video would go public.

You can be sure that no matter what penalty comes out of it for Scott from the law, he will have to serve an additional punishment from the NBA league office before he plays for the Hawks next season.

Atlanta captured the number one seed in the Eastern Conference last year and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals with Scott playing a key role off the bench.  He averaged 7.8 points and 2.9 rebounds per-game in the regular season.

(Via TMZ)