Mobb Deep’s Top 10 Warm-Up Songs

11.22.11 6 years ago 10 Comments
Black Cocaine

Excuse Mobb Deep for being cliché with the release, but this Friday is about to get really black. The Queensbridge duo is turning Black Friday into Black Cocaine. They dropped their newest five-track EP yesterday, and this Friday they’re dropping a deluxe edition on the biggest shopping day of the year. Finally, after years of waiting, Prodigy and Havoc are back together again, bringing that gritty New York sound into a game worshiping Lex Luger beats and Drake harmonies. As long as this release isn’t Blood Money, their last release five years ago that was nearly complete garbage, I’ll be hyped and willing to go spend my $10 instead of hitting the net.

Growing up, Mobb Deep had to make the pre-game playlist. We didn’t have iPods. We had CDs, and I mixed full 16-track albums from the QB duo, whipped out the magic marker and probably called it Mobb Deep: The Pre-Game Anthems. Or something like that. No matter what, I had to get some Trife Life in me before tip. It’s a wonder I didn’t pick up more technical fouls.

To celebrate their return, here are 10 Mobb Deep tracks that you absolutely have to listen to before a basketball game (and I would’ve included “Drop A Gem On ‘Em” if I wasn’t such a big ‘Pac fan).

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