The Most Disrespectful Block Celebration Of All Time Happened In An Overtime Elite Game

There have been a number of really disrespectful blocks — and, by extension, really disrespectful block celebrations — in the years since Dr. James put some peach baskets up on a wall. In all that time, we have never seen anything quite like what happened in an Overtime Elite game between RWE and Cold Hearts on Friday night, which has me (to use an official term) honking like a goose.

Daquan Davis, a guard for RWE who is a 4-star prospect in the class of 2024, drove to the rim and attempted to score through contact by Cold Hearts big man Peyton Marshall, who is also a 4-star and is heading to Missouri next year. Marshall is nearly a foot taller than Davis, so he was just able to overwhelm him and block his shot into the floor. And then, one of the funniest things that I have ever seen on a basketball court happened.

There is no reason to do anything other than get the ball to a guard and go down the floor with a man advantage. Well, lemme correct that: There is one reason, and that is to be hilariously disrespectful to a player on the other team. It’s also a good way to get a turnover in that player’s stat sheet, because this does, indeed, go down as a turnover by Davis.

As for how the game went, Cold Hearts went on to win, 92-90.