‘NBA 2K16’ Is So Incredibly Detailed That It Even Features Chris Bosh Videobombs

09.23.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

As we inch closer and closer to the release of NBA 2K16, more and more information has been released – from the return of 2KTV to the all-important player ratings. But perhaps no revelation to date has been as amazing as this latest one. That’s right, 2K16‘s unending quest for verisimilitude that began with mouth guards has reached the pinnacle with Chris Bosh videobombs!

Steve Noah captured this footage at the NBA 2K16 launch party on Monday night, and kudos to him for sharing it with all of us. Most instances like this in video games would be considered a glitch, but it’s clearly on purpose. For one, it’s Bosh, but even so, the animation is too smooth to be lumped in with some of the horrifying accidents out there.

It’s incredible that the people over at 2K have the time and resources to add this level of detail to the game, but now that they’ve set the standard, the only place to go is higher. As it stands, there’s one massive stone left unturned, a criminal slight we can only hope is rectified in NBA 2K17. Say it with me: Robin Lopez Mascot Fight minigame. The public demands it.

(Via Steve Noah)

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