Check Out All The Crazy Gameplay Enhancements In This New ‘NBA 2K16’ Trailer

Today, 2K revealed an insider look at the actual gameplay improvements they’ve made with NBA 2K16, out later this month. So much of a fan’s enjoyment of the game stems from the realism on hand when they’re navigating their players around the court. With this new delivery system, the physics of movement improve, as well as the situational differences that arise when you have 30 different rosters, 30 different coaches and hundreds of different players — all of whom move in different ways.

That might sound like a tall order, but developers Mike Wang, Scott O’Gallagher, and Jerson Sapida do their best to showcase all the addendums to last year’s gameplay in the trailer above.

“The system is dynamically changing and evolving constantly,” says O’Gallagher, and while that might sound like marketing babble, he gives a really good example using the San Antonio Spurs, before Wang adds one about the 2015 NBA MVP.

O’Gallagher mentions real-life adjustments you’d see over the course of an NBA season. While Spurs coach Gregg Popovich might employ the same basic pick-and-roll defense throughout the regular season, he’s going to keep the crazy wrinkles for the playoffs. So if a team defeats the Spurs in Game 1 of a playoff series (in the video game, that is), they’ll be adjusting in the second game, maybe by blitzing high screen and rolls with two defenders, or making the backline rotation a little earlier to stifle the second pass.

Another example the developers gave was Stephen Curry, specifically the way he moves after coming around an off-ball screen. If he doesn’t get the ball, he’s not gonna just stop — he’ll cut to the rim for a look and then loop back around to try something else.

Basically, those minor deviations NBA players make every possession are now part and parcel of the game. Check it all out in the trailer and remember NBA 2K16 drops Sept. 29.

(Via NBA 2K)