‘NBA 2K18′ Is Addressing Its Fans’ Biggest Complaints With The Game So Far

Microtransactions are a huge part of modern gaming. Whether in the freemium model seen in cell phone or tablet games or in larger, more complex titles played on console and PC, the business model is firmly in place. Gamers are willing to pay more than the base price of a game to fully enjoy it, especially if that extra money accelerates or improves their overall enjoyment of the game.

But there’s a line a game can cross between having added bonuses that cost extra and the nagging feeling that you’ve already paid enough for the disc inside the jewel case. And for some fans, NBA 2K18 had crossed that line. Many argued online that the game’s virtual currency, which you accumulate for playing, simply didn’t take you as far as it should before you’re forced to pay for more of it.

Late Tuesday night, Ronnie Singh of 2K Sports announced on Twitter that the cost of some upgrades in the game would be reduced.

“Haircuts, coloring and facial hair are now 100 VC,” Singh tweeted. “Want to make sure it’s realistic going forward!”

The move to drop the cost of said upgrades came shortly after Kotaku published a piece critical of the game’s virtual currency system, claiming many things were too expensive to purchase. When costs are high, logic dictates, players cannot progress naturally in the game without resorting to paying for more virtual currency with real currency.

It’s a delicate balance every game and game developer must find. Put too much behind the virtual paywall and fans will get upset. Make it too easy to climb the game’s proverbial hills and the developer loses money. But fans care much less about the latter and much more about their own wallet, which is why it’s good the folks at 2K Sports are throwing gamers a bone here.