We Simulated The Rest Of The Season In ‘NBA 2K18’ And Warriors Fans Won’t Be Happy

01.12.18 8 months ago 4 Comments


Back in October, we simulated the entire 2017-18 NBA season in NBA 2K18, and the results were predictably wild. The beauty of running a season simulation in NBA 2K18 before the season starts is that NBA 2K18 doesn’t have any in-season data to base their simulations results off of, so you’re guaranteed chaos.

We’re roughly at the midway point of the 2017-18 NBA season now, and this seems like as good a time as any to see what NBA 2K18 is predicting for the rest of the year. In this simulation, however, we’re picking up the season from January 11 and moving on from there, meaning NBA 2K18 has current NBA team records, current NBA player statistics, and current NBA standings.

In all likelihood, this simulation will more closely represent what you’re actually going to see in the playoffs when compared to the one we ran in October. We’re sacrificing some chaos for accuracy, but that’s what makes this particular simulation interesting.

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