Here Are The Starting Lineups For The All-Time Teams In ‘NBA 2K19’

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09.07.18 7 Comments

NBA 2K19

Basketball gamers rejoice, as NBA 2K19 is now available for those who have pre-ordered the game. If you have not, the game is set to drop on Sept. 11, meaning we’re in the final few days of waiting.

If you’re a fan of the history of basketball, perhaps you’ll spend some time going through the various all-time NBA teams and giving them a whirl on the sticks. While getting to use current NBA teams is fun, it’s also a blast to see what it would be like to use the Sacramento Kings and run a pick-and-roll with Oscar Robertson and DeMarcus Cousins while Peja Stojakovic camps out on the perimeter.

Unsure of which team you want to use? We went through the game and grabbed the starting lineups for all 30 all-time teams as a handy resource — players are listed from point guard to center, with the numbers next to their names indicating their ratings in this game mode.

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