‘NBA 2K22’ Lets Your Create-A-Player Rap And It’s Extremely Unsettling

NBA 2K22 is out and fans have been diving into the game’s many features. Of course, the three main staples of every 2K playthrough is Franchise, MyTeam, and the always popular MyPlayer. Ever since 2K11, the most popular mode in 2K has easily been MyPlayer. The ability to live out our dreams of being an NBA superstar has always been an appealing one, but over the last 10 years that mode has added plenty of add ons to keep us interested including online head to head matchups, ProAm’s, and The City.

Originally called The Neighborhood, The City is a hub world where basketball reigns supreme. Courts, hoops, and gyms are everywhere along with plenty of potential to build your brand as more than a basketball player. One of the ways to build up that brand? By releasing the hottest mixtape of 2022 of course.

A feature in NBA 2K22 is the ability to create your own rap from some pre-selected rhymes. Unfortunately, the rhymes themselves aren’t the best. One video currently making the rounds on Twitter is proof enough of that.

Maybe this is supposed to be realistic because most athletes that have attempted to rap have failed miserably at it. If that’s the case, then it’s a perfect recreation. It is of course hard to take this particular video seriously with the MyPlayer wearing a State Farm polo and khakis. Which, the reason he’s wearing that is that he met Jake from State Farm. Yes, you can meet Jake from State Farm and get “the drip.”

We can’t expect reality in The City, because it’s a world run by basketball brands, but when Jake from State Farm is calling his outfit “the drip” and players are rapping in it then something has gone terribly wrong in the simulation. This game is weird.