The Top 10 NBA All-Star Game Dunks Of All Time

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The NBA All-Star Game has always held a laissez-faire attitude towards defense. The game doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of a season, and players are content to let each other wow the crowd without harping too much on fighting over screens, or hustling back to stop a transition bucket. Still, honor is at stake, and that’s what makes the top collection of All-Star Game dunks so intriguing.

This isn’t to say defense goes shunned entirely, it’s just usually up to the players to put forth the effort. If they’re determined to stop someone, they’ll try. Other than a personal rivalry, or a chance to show another star they won’t back down, even in a meaningless exhibition, offense — as is so often the case — wins the day.

And when we write offense, we mean slam dunks. Yes, there’s a dunk contest the night before, but nothing beats a spur-of-the moment flight of fancy. Spontaneity will often evoke even greater moments than prearranged aerial blueprints, so lets look at the top 10 All-Star Game dunks from a the long history of the game itself.

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10. Michael Jordan putback dunk off missed free throw in 1997

Yes, MJ is just No. 10 on our list, and this gem off a missed Grant Hill free throw happened during his second-to-last season with the Bulls. But it’s an MJ trademark, and he only broke out his more iconic dunks for his 1980s Dunk Contest battles with ‘Nique, or the in-game variety that routinely destroyed the pysche of his opponents.




9. Kevin Garnett throws it down on Ray Allen in 2002

This was before KG joined forces with Allen and Paul Pierce with the Celtics to win the 2008 NBA Title. It was also before they stopped communicating entirely after Allen fled Boston to join forces with their arch-rival, Miami. At the time of the slam, it was all in good fun, though, and Allen cannily avoid posterization by only half-heartedly going up to stop The Kid (yes, people use to call Garnett that — he wasn’t always an old timer).




8. Russell Westbrook over everyone in 2012

Russ doing Russ, and everyone smartly got out of the way when it became clear the hammer was on its way down.

7. Tim Duncan smashes on Alonzo Mourning in 2000

The Big Fundamental would win the MVP of the All-Star Game that year with Shaquille O’Neal, and there were a bevy of other dunks during the same game. But this destruction of Alonzo Mourning stands above all the rest, even though it’s nearly impossible to track down on YouTube.




6. Vince Carter 360-Degree jam past Kobe Bryant in 2001

There’s no way Kobe would have let anyone pull this once he got older, but this was before his feud with Shaq, and he was in the midst of winning titles every year with the Big Fella inside. Vince takes Kobe baseline, and there’s no one to back Mamba up, so Vinsanity decided to spin for a full revolution before easily putting in the two-handed slam. Just another reminder why many consider Vince the GOAT of throwing it down.



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