The NBA Apparently Asked Drake Not To Attend NBA Finals Games In Oakland

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When the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA title in team history, Drake was in Toronto celebrating in Jurassic Park with thousands of other Raptors fans. But unlike many of those fans, he certainly had the means to travel to Oakland and pay the absurd prices to see the final game in Oracle Arena, a venue he’d visited many times before.

There was some speculation about why Drake didn’t show up in Oakland to see the Raptors try and eventually succeed in winning a title. He’s the franchise’s most famous fan — he released two new songs just to celebrate his team winning a championship — and has made himself a presence throughout the NBA postseason at Raptors games.

And he’s certainly no stranger to Warriors home games. But as it turns out, there was a good reason he didn’t travel across the continent to see the Raptors on the road: the NBA asked him not to.

According to TMZ, the Association did, indeed, ask Drake not to travel to Oracle Arena, apparently over “security issues.”

The NBA reached out to Drake and asked him not to travel to Oakland for any of the NBA Finals games at Oracle Arena due to “security concerns,” multiple sources tell TMZ Sports.

We’re told the league expressed concern about potentially angry Warriors fans doing something stupid like taunting Drake or throwing stuff at him … which wouldn’t just put Drake at risk, but also other people sitting near him.

TMZ reported that Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, explained that his son didn’t want to “take chances” on the sideline in Oakland. In ant event, Drake certainly seemed to enjoy himself at Jurassic Park, and he partied with the team in Las Vegas after the win so long they actually delayed returning to Toronto an extra day. So everyone is happy. But it is telling that the NBA was worried about his potential impact on games in Oakland. And, thankfully for everyone, Drake respected their wishes and stayed away.