NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Is Watching Over Basketball Twitter With His Secret Account

06.02.17 11 months ago

Getty Image

Whether it is with your phone, computer or tablet, the second screen experience to use Twitter when watching an NBA game has become almost a necessity. Scrolling through Twitter while watching a game informs you on the injury news, stats and, of course, the latest hilarious meme moments that occur from time to time. Those reasons are basically why the majority of NBA fans have a Twitter account. And those reasons are also why NBA commissioner Adam Silver has a Twitter account.

Silver’s account, however, is secret, and the actual handle is unknown. That’s how Silver wants it, though, as he enjoys reading tweets about the NBA but doesn’t want people tweeting at him. He does tweet occasionally from the official NBA Twitter account, but overall, his personal one is secret, a fact Silver openly talked about with ESPN’s Arash Markazi on Friday.

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