NBA Draft: Deshaun Thomas Refuses to Give San Antonio Spurs His Cell Number at Combine

05.17.13 5 years ago 15 Comments
Deshaun Thomas

Deshaun Thomas (photo. Ohio State Athletics)

Apparently it’s DeShaun Thomas Day here at Dime. In a second story, he apparently pulled the bizarre move of refusing to give the San Antonio Spurs his cell phone when they asked him for it at the NBA Pre-Draft combine.


Thomas said teams asked him plenty of difficult and interesting questions during his interview process at the combine. But the most interesting, he said, was the fact the Spurs’ first question was for his cell phone number and his e-mail address. He gave them the e-mail, but not the phone number.

“I can’t go around giving it out to everyone,” Thomas said Thursday with a laugh. “Now if they want to draft me, I’d be happy to give it to them.”

Cool, so DeShaun, if San Antonio drafts you or wants to ask you an important question or two before making their decision on your future, they can just hit you on GChat to let you know?

Maybe DeShaun is a super-private guy; we have no idea. But we’re willing to bet that there are a lot of people who have his number who don’t have any plans to make him a millionaire pro basketball player. It’s not like a telemarketer hit him looking for his number – this is a team that specializes in taking late draft picks (which he will be) and giving them NBA careers. The Spurs will have a selection at the end of the first round.

To each their own, we’re sure DeShaun has his reasons. It just seems silly to give a potential (great) future employer a reason to think twice before hiring you.

Did DeShaun make a mistake by not giving up his number to the Spurs?

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