NBA Draft Hopeful Josh Giddey Handled A Reporter Asking Their Kid ‘Did You Poop’ On A Hot Mic Like A Seasoned Vet

One of the names that plenty of draftniks expect to hear called early in the 2021 NBA Draft is Josh Giddey, the 18-year-old Australian point guard who spent the last year tearing up the National Basketball League. One of the things for which he’s received plenty of praise during the Draft process is his composure, and on Friday, he got the chance to show that off in a rather unconventional way.

Giddey hopped on a media call with members of the Oklahoma City Thunder beat. While there, this happened:

These sorts of hot mic moments happen pretty frequently, but very rarely are they as silly as “reporter asks their son if they pooped, only the athlete heard it and have a brief moment of wondering if it happened to them.” The credit of the reporter — Brandon Rahbar of Daily Thunder — he owned it on Twitter and was able to make a joke about the whole thing.

Giddey gets high marks here for not getting derailed, instead hearing this very silly question but continuing his train of thought that was briefly interrupted. He could have made a big deal out of this, perhaps even teasing Rahbar, but he decided to keep his eyes on the prize. If we hear rumors of Giddey making a late surge up Draft boards, we can only assume this (along with the fact that, you know, he’s really good at basketball) will be why.