We Simulated Round 3 Of The Cavs-Warriors NBA Finals To See Who Will Reign Supreme

06.01.17 11 months ago


After what has felt like a decade between the Conference Finals and the NBA Finals, we finally made it. The NBA Finals are here. For as much criticism the NBA has faced throughout the playoffs for how predictable the postseason has been, there isn’t a single NBA Finals matchup I’d rather see than (potentially) seven games between the big bad Warriors and LeBron James’ Cavaliers. This is going to be so much fun no matter what happens. I promise.

If you’ve been following our NBA coverage this season, you’re familiar with how we’ve used NBA 2K17 to predict everything from LaVar Ball vs. Michael Jordan, to the rest of LeBron James’ career, to the entire 2016-17 NBA season, to the future of the Warriors super team, and that just scratches the surface of what we’ve put to the NBA 2K test.

It’s only fitting that we cap the season off with one last big simulation of the NBA Finals. Here we go.

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