Joel Embiid, Magic Johnson, And More Got Ridiculed In The Latest Edition Of Kimmel’s NBA Mean Tweets

Associate Editor
06.01.17 2 Comments

Every year, some folks on Jimmy Kimmel‘s staff comb through Twitter to find a bunch of mean tweets about NBA players, broadcasters, and more. Then, Kimmel gets said NBA personalities together, puts them in a room, turns on a camera, and has them read the mean things that random folks on the internet said about them.

The schtick has gone on for a few years, and you’d think by now it would have lost its luster. But as we learned during the fifth edition of NBA Mean Tweets, the gag is as funny as ever.

The first heavy hitter was easily Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan, who has been on Mean Tweets a few times and always seems to take it in stride. That was the case this year, as he read a joke about his struggles from the free throw line and laughed them off.

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